Sunday, October 9, 2011

NFL Week 5 picks!

11-5 once again last week and am now 42-22 for the season. Not bad, and now we have bye weeks so there is less margin for error. Didn't get this out before games started, but these are my legit picks, I promise.

Philadelphia @ Buffalo: Buffalo needs to rebound after a bad loss to Cincinnati last week, and they'll pull it off against the Iggles. I'll take Buffalo.

Kansas City @ Indianapolis: Both teams haven't been very good, but Indy should wake up at some point. Today is that point against a bad Chiefs team. Indy.

Arizona @ Minnesota: Arizona is dropping the ball in this one, but they were my pick, so I'll own it. I picked Arizona.

Seattle @ NY Giants: G-men should beat up on the Hawks. Giants.

Tennessee @ Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh still trying to show that they aren't too old, even though they are. I'll still take the Steelers.

New Orleans @ Carolina: Saints should take this one big time.

Cincinnati @ Jacksonville: Cincinnati has shown some good things despite their record. Against a bad Jacksonville team I think they'll keep going and pull out a win.

Oakland @ Houston: Houston is hoping to continue to prove they're the real deal. They'll have a tough win against the Raiders, but a win all the same.

Tampa Bay @ San Francisco: Both teams are better than they seem, but I think Tampa has the better squad overall.

San Diego @ Denver: San Diego, in a laugher. People will probably get their Tebow wish after this one, and he will show exactly how much he isn't the answer right now.

New York Jets @ New England: The home team seems to do better in this series lately, so I'll give the Pats the edge. Wouldn't be surprised if the Jets did win because they seem to know how to get to the Patriots.

Green Bay @ Atlanta: I'll take the Packers.

Chicago @ Detroit: Detroit needs to play better during the first half of the game, because they can't always come from behind as far as they have each game this season. I'll still take Detroit.


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  2. great to see such an awesome pick on that week. Wish that my team win. Go go go...

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