Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Broncos Loss to the Ravens Not A Referendum On Manning

That's right, despite the fact that Peyton Manning had several turnovers in the Divisional round playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens, he is not to blame for the Broncos' loss. Forget the interceptions and the fumbles, Peyton Manning won that game. Yes, I know what the final score of the game was, but that does not change the fact that Peyton Manning won that game. Allow me to elaborate.

Just think about all of the things that led to this loss for the Broncos. First off, allow me to get it right out of the way, the officiating was straight out abysmal. Phantom pass interference calls followed up by non-calls on clear pass interferences. This was seen in the two of the first three series of the game. After the Ravens punted and Trindon Holliday returned the punt for a touchdown, the Ravens were staring at another third and long. A ball was terribly overthrown by Flacco, Tony Carter played the receiver perfectly, keeping his body between the receiver and the ball, while continuing to play the ball. He followed the path of the ball out of bounds and the receiver went with him without any issues. Flag, PI. Ummm, no.  Few plays later, bomb, touchdown.

Then the next series for the Broncos, third and about eight, Manning throws a pass to Eric Decker that gets batted up in the air, picked off and returned for a touchdown. Forgetting the fact that Manning is the last person that can be blamed for that type of interception, Decker was clearly interfered with and the flag was not thrown. This continued throughout the game, in addition to some just god awful game administration throughout the game that didn't allow any type of flow to the game at all. And the fumble that was the absolute definition of a "tuck rule" incompletion. You get the point.

Second, think about how people said he was incapable of playing in the cold. Previously, in the three other games that Manning had played below 40 degrees, he had thrown only one touchdown and seven INTs. He threw three TDs during this game and didn't appear to have any issues throwing the ball. The only interception/turnover that was on him was the one that happened in overtime.

Third, the Bronco defense was pathetic. Champ Bailey should be ashamed of the way he played, Von Miller and the Denver pass rush were horrendous and gave precisely no pressure to Joe Flacco. When there was some type of adversity, the defense was unable to hold the Ravens out of the endzone like they were able to do to teams consistently throughout the Broncos' 11-game win streak.

Fourth, the coaching was horrible. No adjustments were made, at least no visible ones, to a team that had been one of the best at adjusting on the fly and between the first and second halves in the entire league. The defensive coaches, especially, were a gigantic failure. Failing to see that Champ was having trouble staying with Torrey Smith and adjusting accordingly.

Still, despite all of this, Peyton Manning led his team on a fourth quarter drive that was capped off with a touchdown pass from Manning to Demarius Thomas. Despite all these things working against him; the poor officiating, the horrible play of the defense, the frigid cold weather and the seeming ineptitude of the Bronco coaching staff, Peyton Manning had the Broncos up 35-28 with just over one minute to go in the game. And then the unthinkable happened.

Then Rahim Moore left the biggest pile of excrement in the history of Denver football on his own five yard line. Rahim Moore makes the stupidest play of any player in this football year, and really any in recent memory, and suddenly we're in overtime. This game does not show Manning's lack of a killer instinct in the playoffs, as some with microphones are saying, not at all. If Rahim Moore has half a damn brain and does the only thing that a safety is supposed to do in this situation, not let any receivers get behind you, we're talking about Manning overcoming everything. We're talking about Manning dispelling the myths of his inability to play in cold weather. Hell, if I were on the field for that one play, and not Rahim Moore, the Broncos would be preparing for the New England Patriots right now.

I say again, Peyton Manning won that game. He won it, until his own team lost it for him.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Divisional Playoff Picks

What a weekend of football we've got ahead of us. I can't wait, so I won't. Here's my picks for the weeks.

Saturday Games:

Baltimore @ Denver: This one isn't tough at all. It's true that I bleed orang and blue, but come on. The Broncos are a far superior team. They creamed Baltimore in the regular season and will use the same game plan to do it again. Baltimore gets too much respect for how good their defense used to be, but they just aren't that dominant defense anymore. Even when Ray Lewis was healthy and in the lineup, they were giving up a ton of rushing yards to not so great teams. Manning will pick them apart, Broncos, easily.

Green Bay @ San Francisco: This one is tougher. San Francisco creamed Green Bay in week 1, but that was obviously a long time ago. San Francisco's offense is a bit different now that Colin Kaepernick is running it, and it's more dangerous. Green Bay has Aaron Rodgers and the confidence and poise, but they don't have that great of an offensive line. San Francisco has one of the better pass rushes and overall defenses in the league and I think that will be the difference. I'll take the Niners.

Sunday Games:

Seattle @ Atlanta: Atlanta has yet to do anything that has proven they can win in the playoffs, and until they do, I can't pick them. Seattle.

Houston @ New England: Houston will have to be a completely different team than the one they were last time in New England. They can beat the Patriots, but they need defense to really be better. You can beat Brady if you can fluster him, and you do that by hitting him. We'll see, but I'm not too optimistic for Houston. Give me the Pats, as much as I hate it.

Meaning, your conference championship games will be:

New England @ Denver

Seattle @ San Francisco

Friday, January 4, 2013

NFL Picks: Wild Card Weekend

NFL playoffs are upon us and the big journey towards the Lombardi Trophy is on! The top seeds are sitting at home this weekend, waiting to see who they will play in the divisional round, and we should be in line for some fantastic football as the wild card teams try to be the next surprise champ. Here we go!

Saturday Games:

Cincinnati at Houston:

Two teams heading in opposite directions. Houston spent most of the year at the top of the AFC, only to choke away one of the top two seeds in the final few weeks of the season. Cincinnati, on the other hand, overcame some midseason troubles to get into the wild card, defeating the Steelers in Pittsburgh for the first time in many, many years.  The Bengals are brimming with confidence, while the Texans have been deflated and defeated.

It's really hard to saw which way this is going to go, so I have to just go with my gut. My gut tells me that Cincinnati is riding the right wave at the moment and can use all of their momentum to get past the Texans. Which Houston team shows up is really the thing that will determine it.

Minnesota at Green Bay:

This should be another fantastic game, a very heated divisional rivalry on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. The Packers have got to be mad about the fact that Minnesota put the final dagger in their hope for the second seed in the NFC and a first-week bye. Minnesota has shown that they are able to beat Green Bay, but it just doesn't seem like something that's going to come by this time around. The last time these two teams played in Green Bay, Adrian Peterson ran all over the Packers for more than 200 yards, but the Vikings still lost the game. I'll take the Packers.

Sundays Games:

Indianapolis at Baltimore:

Another very interesting matchup with two teams going in opposite directions. The Ravens have been in free-fall since they ran out to a 9-2 record. Now, of course, they are getting Ray Lewis back who has announced that he is retiring at the end of the year. So the Ravens have a bit of a "win one for the Gipper" movement going for them, but the Colts have been riding that same type of wave all season with Chuck Pagano.  People generally assume that the Ravens' defense is going to carry them, but this year that is different. Even when Ray Lewis was in the lineup early in the season, the Ravens were struggling horribly to stop the run and were looking kind of old.

Now, the Colts don't exactly have the best rushing game, but they have been surprising people all year long. Still, I don't think they get by the Ravens in this one. It'll be a close game, with a lot of emotion going on each side, but the Ravens will barely manage to squeeze out of this one, despite Joe Flacco.

Seattle at Washington:

Washington is the only team that is hosting a playoff game this weekend that is an underdog, and that's quite interesting. Now Seattle has been going out like gangbusters on several teams over the past few weeks, but many of those games were at home where Seattle is nearly unbeatable. On the road, Seattle has struggled, and going into the hostile confines of FedEx Stadium (formerly RFK Stadium) they will have to deal with a lot of that.

This should be a very good game. Washington runs the ball fantastically, and Seattle stops the run very efficiently. Which of these two exciting rookie quarterbacks is able to make the most plays will be the thing that will decide this. Both have shown the ability to do so, but RGIII has more of the big game player in him right now, I think. Give me the Skins at home.

Meaning the Divisional matchups will look like this.

Cincinnati at Denver
Baltimore at New England

Washington at Atlanta
Green Bay at San Francisco


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Peyton Manning; 5-time NFL MVP

Obviously we don't know this yet, but if you really sit yourself down and think about it, there isn't really that great of a reason as to why this won't happen. Peyton Manning will be MVP for the fifth time in his NFL career.

But hold on, some of you might say. Adrian Peterson just rushed for 2,000 yards, how on earth can you possibly vote against a guy who rushed for 2,000 yards? Well, that is a very interesting question. Let's take a look at all of this.

Adrian Peterson is now the seventh running back in the history of the NFL to break the 2,000 yard mark. He joins O.J. Simpson, Eric Dickerson, Barry Sanders, Terrell Davis, Jamal Lewis and Chris Johnson. One might think that, since this is such an exclusive group that doing this would almost be a shoe-in for the MVP. Strangely enough, that isn't the case.

Of these gentlemen, only O.J. Simpson and Terrell Davis have won the MVP outright when rushing for 2,000 yards. Barry Sanders shared an MVP with Brett Favre during his 2,000-yard campaign. Neither Jamal Lewis nor Chris Johnson were MVPs, and Eric Dickerson, who holds the NFL record for most rushing yards in a single season, didn't even get a share of the MVP. He was beaten out by Dan Marino.

So, there goes that argument. Now, that isn't to say that Peterson shouldn't be considered for MVP because he absolutely should. He's had a remarkable season and he should be recognized for that, but he is not a shoe in.

Now let's bring Peyton Manning in here. Manning is the most prolific NFL MVP in the history of the game, winning the award four separate times. Manning won MVPs in 2003, 2004, 2008 and 2009. For the sake of perspective, let's put up his numbers in each of those years.

2003: 379 completions, 579 attempts, 67.0% completion %, 4,267 yards, 29 TDs, 10 INTs, 99.0 rating (this was before the new QBR numbers)

2004: 336 completions, 497 attempts, 67.6% completion %, 4,557 yards, 49 TDs, 10 INTs, 121.1 rating.

2008: 371 completions, 555 attempts, 66.8% completion %, 4,002 yards, 27 TDs, 12 INTs, 79.8 QBR, 95.0 rating.

2009: 393 completions, 571 attempts, 68.8% completions %, 4,500 yards, 33 TDs, 16 INTs, 82.9 QBR, 99.9 rating.

2012: 400 completions, 583 attempts, 68.6% completion %, 4,659 yards, 37 TDs, 11 INTs, 84.1 QBR, 105.8 rating.

By his numbers, Manning has widely outperformed not only what most people expected of him, but some of his best performances in his entire career. Now that doesn't necessarily make him a shoe-in, but these numbers are certainly MVP-worthy.

Then let's look where these two players have taken their respective teams. It's been well publicized that both of these guys have recovered from major injuries to have amazing seasons. Still, only one of these players were actually playing last season as well.

Peterson has always been one of the best players on the Vikings, but even while putting up decent numbers the Vikings have struggled. A lot of things went right for the Vikings this year, and Peterson was a huge part of that, but we have seen that Peterson's success doesn't always equal Vikings' success.

Yes, a 3-13 record going to a record of 10-6 is impressive, but Peterson only missed four games last season.

The Denver Broncos were a mediocre team in a bad division a season ago. Wallowing underneath the horrifying phenomenon that was Tebow-mania. Yes, the Broncos were division winners last season, but they were in one of the weakest divisions in football at the meager record of 8-8. Enter Peyton Manning. The Broncos are now 13-3 and the top seed in the AFC playoffs with one of the top offenses in the whole NFL.

The Manning effect has had a much greater effect in Denver than Peterson's has in Minnesota, and that is something that the voters will have to acknowledge.

Now, there is a remote possibility that the two could share the award. It wouldn't be unprecedented, though it isn't exactly a regular occurrence. It has happened, but only twice. Of course, one of those time was a 2,000 yard rusher sharing the award with a quarterback that had a brilliant year.

Either way, Peyton Manning certainly is deserving and will win his fifth MVP.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

When Will We Stop Talking About Tim Tebow?

Seriously, it continues to be beyond my understanding why people can't stop talking about him. It was a lot more understandable when he was in Florida, winning national championships and a Heisman trophy, but it's been quite a while since then. It just seems like people are using the memories of those years to try and keep this mania going.

Don't get me wrong, Tebow did some amazing things when he was in college, but let's remember that Tebow wouldn't be the first Heisman trophy winning quarterback that didn't succeed in the pros. Hell, he wouldn't be the first quarterback that had a good college career that hasn't seen success in the pros. They are two completely different worlds, especially at the quarterback position, and to argue that he will automatically be successful as a pro simply because of his college career is just plain ignorant.

I've written about Tebow before, especially when he was in Denver as a part of my beloved Broncos. Back then about how the Tebow-maniacs needed to calm down and be fans of the team and not just Tebow, but now I think it's fair to go ahead and stop talking about him entirely.

I don't think there has ever been so much unnecessary coverage of a backup quarterback. He's a distant memory in Denver thanks to one Peyton Manning, and is already pretty much a memory in New York. Tebow was never promoted to the starting position in New York the way he shamelessly was in Denver, so people (and this includes ESPN) continue to call for him to start in such a shameful manner. Claiming that he's a "bad practice" player but will get the job done when it matters. All I have to ask those people is how many of Tebow's professional games have they actually watched?

They will, naturally, point to his many come back victories in Denver and his one solid game in all of his starts against the Steelers in the playoffs. They will naturally forget the 55 minutes of those games that he couldn't do anything, and also forget the several games where he was terrible the whole 60 minutes and the Broncos were completely blown out. That is the worst part about Tebow, his fans and their selective memories. We get that you like him, he's a likable guy, but be realistic about him for crying out loud. He ran an offense in Denver that was successful in spite of him, not because of him.

Not one of his coaches in the pros has done anything to show that they have any faith in him as a true NFL quarterback. Now be sure you're reading that right. Not a quarterback who is in the NFL, an NFL quarterback. This is a passing league now. Being able to run is a great thing and people will point now to guys like RGIII, Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick and even Andrew Luck to a certain extent and say, but those guys run, why is it okay for them? The answer, of course, is not that difficult to anybody but the blind Tebow sheep. Because each and every single one of those guys is also capable of throwing the ball accurately on a consistent basis, and Tim Tebow is not.

So, with Tebow about to be unceremoniously dumped from his second team in as many years, I am now pleading the entire sports world for one simple thing. STOP TALKING ABOUT TIM TEBOW!!! Let him slip into anonymity. Take this giant spotlight off of him for one second and allow him to not be the center of attention, it might be good for him. All around he is being told that he's ready and he doesn't need to learn to become an NFL quarterback by his flock of blind sheep and his inner circle.

The best possible thing that could happen to Tim Tebow is for him to be released from the Jets and not be signed on by a single NFL team. Let him go to the CFL and try to earn his stripes there because if he can't do it there, then it is absolutely and completely clear that he will never, and I mean ever, do it in the NFL. Either that, or he can drop his overly prideful position of only wanting to play quarterback and accept the fact that he'd be better off as a fullback or tight end.

Sadly, neither of those things will happen. Instead, he'll end up in Jacksonville, which is appropriate as well.  A joke player on a joke franchise. Fitting.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Been A Whiile

Hey folks!

It has been quite a while since I've written anything on this blog, but I do want to make sure that I get back to writing here again.

For a long time I've been writing almost all of my hockey related stories over on Bleacher Report. I am taking a bit of a break from writing with them for a while, and will be doing some writing with The Hockey Writers as well.

I have missed being able to write about football or some other sports and would like to jump back on the old Sin Bin once again to write some more on football and others. So thanks for sticking around, and hopefully I'll have some more to write about in the coming days!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

NFL Week 5 picks!

11-5 once again last week and am now 42-22 for the season. Not bad, and now we have bye weeks so there is less margin for error. Didn't get this out before games started, but these are my legit picks, I promise.

Philadelphia @ Buffalo: Buffalo needs to rebound after a bad loss to Cincinnati last week, and they'll pull it off against the Iggles. I'll take Buffalo.

Kansas City @ Indianapolis: Both teams haven't been very good, but Indy should wake up at some point. Today is that point against a bad Chiefs team. Indy.

Arizona @ Minnesota: Arizona is dropping the ball in this one, but they were my pick, so I'll own it. I picked Arizona.

Seattle @ NY Giants: G-men should beat up on the Hawks. Giants.

Tennessee @ Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh still trying to show that they aren't too old, even though they are. I'll still take the Steelers.

New Orleans @ Carolina: Saints should take this one big time.

Cincinnati @ Jacksonville: Cincinnati has shown some good things despite their record. Against a bad Jacksonville team I think they'll keep going and pull out a win.

Oakland @ Houston: Houston is hoping to continue to prove they're the real deal. They'll have a tough win against the Raiders, but a win all the same.

Tampa Bay @ San Francisco: Both teams are better than they seem, but I think Tampa has the better squad overall.

San Diego @ Denver: San Diego, in a laugher. People will probably get their Tebow wish after this one, and he will show exactly how much he isn't the answer right now.

New York Jets @ New England: The home team seems to do better in this series lately, so I'll give the Pats the edge. Wouldn't be surprised if the Jets did win because they seem to know how to get to the Patriots.

Green Bay @ Atlanta: I'll take the Packers.

Chicago @ Detroit: Detroit needs to play better during the first half of the game, because they can't always come from behind as far as they have each game this season. I'll still take Detroit.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

NFL Week 4 Picks

10-6 last week for a total now 31-17. Hopefully I can do better this week.

Carolina @ Chicago: Carolina could put up a good fight in this one, but Chicago's defense is too good and Carolina's is not nearly good enough. Bears.

Buffalo @ Cincinnati: Buffalo is the real deal, they'll dominate Cincinnati, Bills.

Tennessee @ Cleveland: Not totally sure how Cleveland is favored in this game, I'll take the Titans.

Detroit @ Dallas: Detroit has a tough game here, and they have proven that they can come from behind. I think that Dallas manages to squeak one out at home. This should be a really good game.

Minnesota @ Kansas City: Minnesota really needs to get a win, as does KC. Minnesota has the better offense and should take this one.

Washington @ St. Louis: Washington wins this one in a much closer game than it should be.

San Francisco @ Philadelphia: Not much of a dream team thus far, the Eagles need to play a full game from start to finish. Not sure what happens with Mike Vick in this game, but the eagles really should win anyways. Iggles.

New Orleans @ Jacksonville: Jacksonville stinks, I'll go with the Saints, big time.

Pittsburgh @ Houston: Should be a good game, and this is one that the Texans need to be able to win to get over the hump and into the playoffs. I think Pittsburgh mamages to take this one in a close game.

New York Giants @ Arizona: G-men, easy.

Atlanta @ Seattle: Atlanta gets a gift in Seattle this week and starts to get back on track.

Denver @ Green Bay: Packers are going to kill the Broncos.

New England @ Oakland: Since New England's defense sucks so much, the Raiders could keep this close, but their defense isn't really good enough to keep them ahead. Pats.

Miami @ San Diego: Dolphins too inconsistent, and the Chargers may actually have found a way to start the season well. Miraculously, the Chargers start off 3-1 instead of 1-3.

New York Jets @ Baltimore: Jets have a tough road to run here, and it definitely doesn't get any easier in Baltimore. I'm gonna take the Ravens in this one.

Indianapolis @ Tampa Bay: So hard to gauge how Indy will play. Tampa is much better than they have been in the past, so I think the Bucs will take this one.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tebow-Maniacs Making it Hard to be a Fan of the Broncos

Football season is back in full swing and normally that would have me in a fantastic mood, but there is a problem.

No, it doesn't really revolve around the fact that my Denver Broncos are 1-2 and don't seem very likely to pick up any more wins before their bye week. No, it doesn't have anything to do with the team's lack of a running game. No, it doesn't have anything to with the defense being inconsistent as all get out; and no, it has absolutely nothing to do with Kyle Orton.

It doesn't really have anything directly to do with Tim Tebow either, just the flock of nincompoops claiming that they know better than the entirety of the Denver Bronco organization and demand that Tebow be given a chance to start.

I have no issues with Tim Tebow himself. He's a hard working guy that is a great role model and is one heck of an athlete.

The issue I have is that other Denver Bronco fans are making it insanely difficult for many others of us to be Broncos fans. It's embarrassing!

It would be one thing if Tebow had clearly separated himself from the pack as the best quarterback and was still not being given a chance to perform, but that hasn't been the case.

So rather than let the coaches make the decisions we're made to listen to a non-stop parade of drivel that suggests Elway and Fox are playing political games and intentionally holding Tim Tebow down, to the detriment of the team.

One of my favorites involves the Broncos targeting Tebow as a scapegoat for the terrible decisions that Josh McDaniels made during his time as Denver head coach, and they are torturing Tim Tebow by relegating him to a back-up role he doesn't deserve all to punish him for being a draft pick of the boy king.

There are still several more saying that the Broncos are playing anti-Christian games because Tebow is so open about his religion.

I usually try to remain above name-calling and other things of that sort as I wish to keep my pieces professional, but when did Denver fans become so stupid?

Why are people so desperate to decide whether or not anybody knows something based on whether or not they support Tim Tebow?

Yes, Josh McDaniels was a terrible hire by the team and his very brief but all too long tenure as head coach made a lot of fans very skeptical about who was put in the head coaching position, but John Fox has been coaching in the NFL in one capacity or another since Josh McDaniels was still a young school boy.

There is not a single person in the Denver Broncos organization that wants Tim Tebow to fail because there is a lot of money invested in him. Moreover, he's a member of the team, and for anybody to insinuate that members of the front office would want any of the players that put their physical well-being on the line in order to make them money to fail is absolutely ludicrous.

Every single Denver Bronco fan out there wants Tim Tebow to succeed and be great, but that doesn't mean we have to throw him in there right away.

Let the coaches do their jobs, please. Let Tebow develop and learn how to be a pocket quarterback as our system calls for.

And please, stop spreading this divisive garbage that labels anybody critical of Tebow as a "Tebow-Hater" or person who doesn't want the Broncos to do well.

You are the incredibly loud and annoying minority that is making it very hard to be a fan of the Denver Broncos right now.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

NFL Week 3 Picks

10-6 in week 1, 11-5 in week 2. 21-11 overall. Let's keep the good times rolling for week 3 of the NFL season!

New England @ Buffalo: Buffalo has played well to start the season, but they may have issues stopping New England's high powered offense. This will be a better game than people expect, but I'll take the Pats.

San Francisco @ Cincinnati: Cincinnati stinks and San Francisco has a much better team than people think. This may be in Cinci, but I can't really see the Bungles taking this one. Niners.

Miami @ Cleveland: Cleveland is such a hard team to figure. They can play really well or will completely stink. Miami has a lot of weapons and just needs to figure out how to get them all on the same page. They'll beat Cleveland, but not by as much as they should.

Denver @ Tennessee: Tennessee will dominate the Broncs, and the Denver faithful will continue to not shut up about Tim Tebow, though the rest of us who actually understand the game is more than just being a likeable person will wish they would shut up.

Detroit @ Minnesota: Detroit is taking a lot of teams by surprise, and the Vikes can't get it going. Lions continue a march to the playoffs and go 3-0.

Houston @ New Orleans: Should be a good game between some high powered offenses. The Saints D will be more opportunistic and take advantage of the injured Arian Foster who continues to screw my fantasy team.

New York Giants @ Philadelphia: G-men may be able to drive Vick from the game if they are able to hit him hard. Vick should focus more on finishing a full game rather than reminding fans of the score. He may have paid his debt to society, but he's still an arrogant prick, pardon me. Still, Eagles should win this one.

Jacksonville @ Carolina: Newton is playing very well despite the two losses. Jacksonville really is hard to tell what they will do, but they aren't a winning team. Jack Del Rio will be looking for a new job before the end of the year, I think and the Panthers will help that along by beating Jacksonville.

New York Jets @ Oakland: Jets are going to handle the Raiders pretty easily here, in my opinion.

Baltimore @ St. Louis: Baltimore really dropped the ball in week 2 and should be mad coming into week 3. The Rams are going to feel the wrath here.

Kansas City @ San Diego: The Chiefs shocked the Chargers in San Diego last year, but I don't really see that happening this year. Of course, this is the Chargers so stinking in the first half of the season is what they do best. You never know, but I'll take the Chargers in this one.

Green Bay @ Chicago: Packers will be in Cutler's face all day long. Packers will remind everybody why they are the champs once again.

Arizona @ Seattle: Seattle stinks, Arizona should take this one.

Atlanta @ Tampa Bay: Tampa has a good team, but they just can't seem to put it all together yet. I'll take the Falcons in a very competitive game.

Pittsburgh @ Indianapolis: This one is going to be very ugly. No Manning, Steelers will dominate. I'm glad I have their defense as my fantasy defense.

Washington @ Dallas: Dallas pulled off a big comeback win last week, hopefully they don't have the same issues this week. I think they'll have a tough time with the pesky Skins, but will find a way to win.